If you are a professional image editor, you must be familiar with Photoshop. It is one of the most popular image editor tools on the market today. It is very easy for you to do some image editing projects with this powerful tool. There are some photoshop secrets that you need to know, especially if you want to get maximum benefits from this tool. These secrets can speed up your photo editing work and finish your job with less effort. You can improve your productivity by using some of these secrets.

a. Bird’s Eye View

This is an interesting feature that is available in Photoshop. And it can be found in Photoshop for free. When you are doing detailed work, such as edge refinement or cloning, you may lose sight of the whole big picture. On the other hand, when you are working at the high zoom level, you may have some difficulties navigating around the image. This feature will help you complete your work easily. When you zoom on your image, you can hold the H key and drag your mouse for temporarily zooming out to the bird’s eye view.

b. Repeat transformations easily

Once you have already made a transformation to the layer or any objects by using Edit and Transform, you will be able to repeat the same transformation again and again. You can simply press the cmd+shift+T and this tool will repeat the same transformation work on the active layer. It can save a lot of your time when doing the transformation work.

c. Enable the visibility history

If you have issues losing layer visibility when previewing any layers, you can click the History Panel options box. It will allow you to enable the history state of the layer visibility. Once you check the option, you can press cmd+alt+Z for stepping back to the history. You will find any changes to the layer visibility within the history.

d. Merge vector shapes

If you are an Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud user, you are allowed to merge two different vector shapes together. You can keep the result as an editable vector. There is a shortcut to do this job. Select both two shape layers and press cmd+E on the keyboard for merging them together.

e. Draw dotted lines with Brush tool

This is another common Photoshop technique that you can use easily. You can use the brush tool on Photoshop for drawing straight lines. Once you select the brush tool, you can place the first point. Then, press shift+click on the second point you are going to draw a straight line between both points. You can open the brush panel and put the brush spacing to more than 150% for drawing a dotted line.

f. Share with colleagues and friends

Do you know that you are allowed to share your work with your friends and colleagues? Photoshop allows you to screen-share your work with others. You can choose File and Share My Screen to start this work. Then, you need to log in with your username and password on Acrobat.com. You will open the web browser and start a new online meeting session. Then, you can chat, share your webcam footage, and also share your screen for having a productive collaboration.

g. Change the measuring units quickly

When you open a new canvas in Photoshop, you can set the measuring units to match any of your needs. However, you may want to switch between different measuring units in the future. The normal way for doing so is by selecting the options from Photoshop, then Preferences, and Units & Rulers. There is a shortcut to doing this job. You can right-click on the ruler and choose the measuring unit that you want.

h. Style text easily

You will be able to change your text style and characters easily. Choose the Window -> Paragraph Styles for opening up the panel. Then, you can click on the new style icon for choosing a new style. You can also double click on the style for setting up the font, color, kerning, leading, hyphenation options, and any other options for your text. Don’t forget to highlight the text and click the desired style for achieving the best result for your project.